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Wow. I just noticed how much time I spend on this . You would never no it thought, and I did not think it would ever be this much time when I started. There is so much to do, but I love being busy and learning new things so it is really great. Here are the things that are burning my time. Optimising the blog Is anyone really satisfied with their blog? Is there ever a point where you can say "Yeah, i'm finally done!"? If there is I am no where near it. It's almost daily where I find a new or hear about a new way to do something. I also have a ton of ideas I want to try out for better or worse that I will eventually get to and write a post with the results. Research/Learning Think you know alot? I know I did before I started this. Now I know better. There is so much to learn about coding, SEO, , writing skills. . . nunchaku skills. . . bowhunting skills. . . computer hacking skills. . . Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. . . You get the point. You can never stop learning and researching new ways to improve your blog and posts. Reading other blogs There are alot of blogs out there. And once you find a few you like, it can take quite a while to read them all every day. But as a blogger, it is fun to do it and it can only improve your own skills as a blogger to see what others are doing and learn from them. Commenting once you have been reading a blog for awhile abilify 30mg pills $167.00, it is only natural to want to join in. But once you start commenting it will add a good chunk of time to your daily grind. Is it worth it? Of course, getting in the conversation is a great way to learn, get yourself some exposure and meet some other bloggers. Writing posts Then, when you are [abilify 30mg pills $167.00] all done that stuff, you still have to write your own posts! But, by that point I usually have a ton of good ideas. Or at the very least I have a great list of other posts for a . All this stuff can be quite time consuming, and we have not even really started! There is still so abilify 30mg pills $167.00 much Aimee and I want to do with this blog that I can only see the amount of time we put in going up. But it is fun, I really enjoy doing it so I don't mind at all. Abilify 30mg pills $167.00 maybe i will have to do some reasearch into time saving tools or methods. Let us know if you have any tricks up your sleeves for managing your blogging time.

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