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July 8th, 2007 @11:02 pm  

It’s because of stories like this one that I can’t see myself owning property as an investment. It’s annoying your boyfriend had to deal with this; just imagine if you had 20 of those condos and you had to deal with these issues on all of them! I don’t have the stomach for it. That’s why I prefer to own internet real estate!

Beccagirl Said,
July 9th, 2007 @4:05 pm  

This really is such IMPORTANT advice! I have heard so many stories, and seen it on tv as well. I watch alot of ‘flip’ type home remodeling shows and I can assure anyone – GET INSPECTIONS!!! One lady lost her vision because she bought a house with bats in the attic and prolonged exposure caused her to go blind!!! She didn’t get an inspection.
Great post and great advice!

July 10th, 2007 @1:40 pm  

What a hassle! I would have to consider legal action against the previous owner if you’re sure that they knew about it. That’s straight up fraud if they kept it from you.

Angie Said,
July 10th, 2007 @2:30 pm  

Yes, always inspect. it is not expensive at all and you can write up a contract with the stipulation that the sale is contingent upon passing inspection, etc.’

An additional mistake we made, though we did have an inspection, was to buy As Is, which is the new trend in listing property these days. Once we moved in and saw teh place with no furniture and pictures on the walls, we saw how many dings and stains there were! And, it is a fairly new home. But, we had no recourse to have them come back and fix the big nail holes in the walls or broken banisters.

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