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Finding a nice chunk of ham when it is on sale can go a long way. When you find the ham, I would make sure you also have a few more key ingredients: navy beans amitriptyline 50mg pills $91.00 (dried, in the bag -- I'm sure you can get at least a pound of them for less than $1), onion, celery, mayonnaise or miracle whip amitriptyline 50mg pills $91.00, potatoes, cream soup, cheese, milk, and bread. Here comes a good week's worth of eating -- hope you aren't worried about your sodium, and that you like ham! Start off by baking the ham as the directions call for. Wrap the potatoes in tin foil, poke holes through the foil into the potato, and toss them in the oven about an hour before the ham is scheduled to be done. When the ham is finished cooking, you now have meal number one -- baked ham and potatoes. It is very little work and will surely be enjoyed. You can enjoy the leftovers as long as you can tolerate them! When you've had enough of regular [amitriptyline 50mg pills $91.00] ham, there are a few routes you can take. My first favorite is ham salad. I take some of the leftover ham and put it through the food processor. Add some mayonnaise or miracle whip, and if you like, pickles to give it some taste. Figure out how you like it, then spread it on bread. You're ready to eat. Simple! My next favorite ham leftover meal is ham and bean soup. This one takes a little more preparation and thought than the ham salad sandwiches. You'll want to soak the navy beans starting early in the day so they are cooking thoroughly. You can also prepare this meal in the slow cooker. Either way, make sure you soak the beans, because nothing is worse than ham and bean soup with tough beans! Cut the ham down into bite-sized pieces, add them to your cooker, add some water, add some cut up onions, and finally, add the beans. Let it cook all day long on low. Make sure the moisture level does not get too low or it will dry out and burn. Amitriptyline 50mg pills $91.00 finally, i also enjoy ham and scalloped potatoes if i have more free time. The leftover potatoes can be used for this recipe, or you can start with fresh potatoes. Cut the ham into bite sized pieces, slice the potatoes, put them into a casserole dish (or the slow cooker), add the soup with the recommended amount of milk, stir in some cheese, onion, or celery to desired levels, and bake it or slow cook it. Enjoy your ham!

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