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So I did it. I invested in the stock market for the first time. It was actually really easy once the was set up. I just picked the stock ampicillin 500mg pills $145.00, typed in the amount of shares I wanted and clicked "buy". [ampicillin 500mg pills $145.00] When I submitted the order, the share price was $19. 55 but the shares were purchased at $19. 60 so it was a tiny bit higher than I expected but still a good price considering the payout. So far the price is staying around the what that I bought it at. This is not a growth stock and I am not expecting huge gains in the price. My first dividend payout will be sent to me on the 15th. I will receive a whopping $11. As I add to my investments that amount will grow, I hope to eventually be collecting enough dividends to support ampicillin 500mg pills $145.00 myself. Ampicillin 500mg pills $145.00 this will take a while but i am patient. Wish me luck!

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