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This just in - New studies anafranil 75mg pills $90.00 have shown that when it comes to management performace, women are coming out ahead of their male counterparts in almost every way. In an age where relationships are paramount in doing a job well, women are excelling in almost every area. "overall, female executives were judged more effective than their male counterparts. Anafranil [anafranil 75mg pills $90.00] 75mg pills $90.00 'women are scoring higher on almost everything we look at, ' says shirley ross, an industrial psychologist who helped oversee a study performed by hagberg consulting group in foster city, calif. Hagberg conducts in-depth performance evaluations of senior managers for its diverse clients, including technology, health care, financial-service anafranil 75mg pills $90.00, and consumer-goods companies. Of the 425 high-level executives evaluated, each by about 25 people, women execs won higher ratings on 42 of the 52 skills measured. " Take a look at the article to read more about this study. Don't agree with this article? .

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