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With an ever-growing list of people to buy for each year at Christmas, I begin to realize that finding homemade Christmas gift alternatives is a necessity. Each year, I bake goodies for co-workers and friends. They enjoy the goodies and I personally love to bake. Therefore, we both win. Here are some items that make super Christmas analgin 500mg $68.00 gifts. Christmas Cookies I love to make these cookies called Monster Cookies. They contain peanut butter, chocolate chips, M & Ms, and oatmeal. The best part is that these cookies contain no flour. So, technically, the are gluten free. They are also delicious. If you want to make a cookie that most will love, try making Monster Cookies. Other great options include sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies. Fudge Fudge is probably one of the easiest baked items you can make. It does not require the time that the continuous baking of cookies requires. In addition, most people already have the ingredients for fudge in their pantries such as butter, cocoa, sugar, milk and vanilla. Fudge is also very rich. So, a little of this goes a long way when dividing it up for Christmas presents. Pound Cake Pound cake also makes a great gift because most everyone can eat it and likes it. This plain cake does not have the richness of most chocolate baked items. You can make mini pound [analgin 500mg $68.00] cakes using mini loaf pans. Cup cake pans also make great mini pound cakes to give to co-workers. Sausage Balls If the person you are giving a present to does not like sweet items analgin 500mg $68.00, you can also opt to give them a sausage or cheese ball. There are great recipes online for both of these scrumptious items at allrecipes. com. I personally love sausage balls, but they are also a guilty pleasure. If I do not give them away, I will eat the whole batch! Brownies Brownies are an economical and great baked item to give to co-workers or bring to the office party events. Most kids love brownies. Analgin 500mg $68.00 so, these tend to go fast at any holiday get together. Whatever baked goods you decide to make, your gift is sure to be a hit. Jazz up your baked items using colorful containers, Ziploc bags, cello bags, or plastic wrap. Most Dollar Stores as well as grocery stores, carry Christmas themed containers that you can use for baked items that are gifts. In addition, be sure to save some for your family to enjoy!

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