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January 7th, 2009 @12:22 pm  

Do I watch the show No! Do I need to lose some weight Yes. I’m going to practice having smaller healthy portions of food followed by exercise and no wine or drink. I blame my weight gain on wine and blogging.

January 7th, 2009 @12:30 pm  

I love this show, but unfortunately I am not a regular watcher. I typically only catch an occasional episode as well as the season finale. I think you have inspired me that I need to become a loyal The Biggest Loser watcher. But i will admit I liked the old host better!

Kim Ace Said,
January 8th, 2009 @12:45 pm  

It still didn’t come in my country, but after few good critics i will get it on DVD for sure…

Jason Said,
January 16th, 2009 @12:31 pm  

It is nice to see all these people doing it, it gives me inspiration. It is almost a habit now to work out and I feel physically bad if I skip too many days. I don’t really have a goal other than to lose my spare tire and be able to run the 10Km run for MS this spring without falling over 🙂

cohnsey Said,
January 27th, 2009 @8:07 pm  

What did you think when that trainer went off and started yelling? That guy is normally super calm.

Jason Said,
February 2nd, 2009 @11:15 pm  

When Bob was yelling at Joelle, that was fantastic. The only bad thing is that it reminded me of myself. I am normally quite calm, but when I finally do lose it, it is a very similar scene. The reaction of people around is that same as it hardly ever happens 😉

Volume500 Said,
February 5th, 2009 @12:23 pm  

Every time when I read a post like this, I feel like I am under pressure to lose weight and I keep thinking to myself now what do I need to do? what to eat, what not eat, which sport is the best, but at the end… nothing! I just have to stop eating sugar and wheat!

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