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kevin Said,
June 12th, 2007 @10:33 am  

See I am the opposite, it makes me wake up right in the morning because ideas start popping into my head. Lately it has been happening earlier and earlier which is not a good trend.

Sofcore Said,
June 12th, 2007 @11:58 am  

My own insomnia is brought on by thinking of different improvements I need to make to my blog, and/or whether or not I’m even cut-out to be a blogger.


Elaine Said,
June 12th, 2007 @6:56 pm  

your blog has been added to 2k bloggers šŸ™‚

Aimee Said,
June 12th, 2007 @11:17 pm  

Hi Sofcore, I think improvements are important but don’t drive youself crazy in the process. I’m guilty of this myself.

Jason Said,
June 13th, 2007 @12:29 pm  

Well, I did not sleep much to begin with, now I am trying to run on 4-5 hours a night. But at least I am never bored now šŸ™‚

July 6th, 2007 @7:06 am  

Hi there! I perfectly agree with you. I have my own blog and whenever I post smth late at night, just before going to bed, I can’t get relaxed and can’t sleep too well…Unfortunately, I’m having this bad habit, to post articles late at night, wich I know is wrong.But, for a week, I have tried to post my articles from work :), even if it’s not proper either…but this way I avoid the stress.

I think we should all relax and slow down…What’s the rush? Maybe we should go in for downshifting…(you can find an article in my blog:

All the best and keep writing this way!

Rumina Said,
June 21st, 2008 @7:13 am  

Hi, I want to add that having warm shower or bath, helps a lot to fall a sleep quicker.

Also you can try drinking Melissa herb tea, it is very nice herb that relaxes your brain and make you sleepy – I love it and it has no side effects, it is cheap and you can buy it from everywhere.

And of course not at last place, don’t work too much šŸ™‚

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