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I've been hearing all of these doom and gloom stories about how the world is ending, the stock market is falling and people are loosing their jobs in the United States. I do agree that a lot of people are having a really tough time right now to say the least; some have been loosing everything they have. This is very sad; it should be a lesson, and an early warning sign for us Canadians who are knee deep in debt, and maxed out on our mortgages. For those of us who aren't, the recent economic troubles could mean a huge opportunity for investing in the United States and around the world. Our dollar is up, our real estate market is healthy, and our unemployment rate is low. In contrast, in the United States foreclosures were up 75% in 2007, there were more than 2. 2 million filings for foreclosures! That's 2. 2 million homes being sold at bargain basement prices. (Check out to see all of the homes that are “on sale”) Also the US unemployment rate is on the rise, and their dollar is has been falling steadily for quite a while. In spite of all chloroquine 200mg pills $251.00 of that chloroquine 200mg pills $251.00, we Canadians are still going strong. This presents a rare opportunity for us. Many of us can now afford to buy beautiful homes in the US that we never would have dreamed of buying even a year ago. This weekend my boyfriend and I went for a drive south of the border. It is unbelievable how much cheaper the houses are there compared to here. A house that you would normally pay $300, 000 for here in the Toronto area you can get there for under $80, 000 in many towns and cities in Western New York. Some that are even right on a lake! Other exciting oppotunities can be seen in the US stock market. I'm sure you've heard the term buy low, sell high. Buying now may be a good example of buying low, although there’s no way to pinpoint [chloroquine 200mg pills $251.00] exactly when the market will turn around. Chloroquine 200mg pills $251.00 investing south of the border may also help to provide income for you in the event that the canadian economy suffers a blow. Just make sure that you do your research before you invest in any company, or property in Canada, the US or anywhere else. As bad as things seem now in the United States economy, why look at the glass as being half empty when there are so many opportunities out there?

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