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(NOYE: This is the sixth in a ten part series on student loans, check back every Tuesday for the next installment - Jason) A friend of mine recently called me to pick my brain about co-signing for a student loan. It seems her niece enrolled in a course that is not eligible for the OSAP program, so she was looking for other options. Dear old Daddy, under pressure from his new wife, is not willing to assist the young girl with her problem. So, what can she do but talk nice to other relatives in the hopes of charming one into becoming her co-signer? My friend in this case, has been married for almost twenty years, and her first question was a biggie. Does her husband need to sign too? Short answer: NO. As long as she has the income to support the payments if niece can’t come up with the cash, then there is no reason to need more than one co-signer. However, this is where co-signing can get a little complicated. For all intense and purposes, only the people who are applying for the loan or line of credit will have any responsibility for payment. But what happens if one or both default? Does this hurt an innocent spouse who had nothing to do with the loan to begin with? Yes, it does. Co-signing is a tricky road to navigate, which is why many loving relatives are reluctant to sign on the dotted line. The trouble only comes if a payment is cialisis in canada missed. Let’s say my friend co-signs for her niece, and a year from now, the student niece runs late making a payment. The next month, student runs late again, and the following month cialisis in canada, she misses it altogether. Once the third payment hits the thirty day past due mark, the bank contacts the co-signer to make good on the payment, which she does. The co-signer will undoubtedly have a pep talk with the student about proper communication regarding payments, resulting in a promise from the student to contact the co-signer if she cannot make the payment on time. Co-signer, being diligent, will also likely contact the bank to make certain they will call her the instant they sense a late payment. Problem solved. No more payment troubles. 3 months later, co-signer and hubby apply for a car loan. Hubby has excellent credit, but low and behold, his wife has an issue on her credit report, in the form of three bad payments on a student loan, for which she was a co-signer. The missed payments have impacted her credit score, and even if no further payments are missed, they will remain on her credit report for seven years. Not only is this a credit problem, but in most cases, it has now become a marital problem. Wanting to help a young person make their way through school is a noble and worthy act of kindness. However, good intentions don’t always equal good results. This shouldn’t deter students from looking for a potential co-signer, nor should family resist the desire to help out. While being a co-signer does have some risk, that risk can be minimized to protect both parties. Cialisis in canada

  • get monthly statements: both the primary borrower and the co-signer are entitled to have monthly statements mailed to them. The co-signer, however, is usually optional, and they must make sure they request statements be sent.
  • Make the Payment Account Joint: Usually it’s easiest for the student to have the account where they do their regular banking, so set up a joint account for the payments to come from. Again, the co-signer must request statements be mailed to them.
  • Make it Automatic: Set the payments to automatically come from the joint account. Furthermore, if the student is working, set up automatic transfers into the payment account for each payday.
  • Build a nest egg: Add a little to the account each week before payments even come due. [cialisis in canada] Having a nest egg built up in the account will ensure that any snafu’s such as long weekends or holds on deposits won’t interrupt the payment schedule. Since the account is joint, both parties will be aware of any withdrawals, which will probably keep the starving student from dipping into it without checking with the co-signer first.
For many students, having a co-signer for a student loan is the deciding factor for whether or not they will continue school. There is no shame in asking someone to help get the loan, as long as the entire process, from application to payment is handled maturely and does not jeopardize the co-signers credit, future or family life.

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