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You deposit money into your bank account, write out bills and that is the extent of your banking experience until your next pay day. I was honestly shocked when I found out that there are many consumers who do not have the knowledge of how their bank works and that they don’t care to know either. With banking, what you don’t know will hurt you and it will also cost you a ton of money. Working in the banking industry for years showed me how banks really work and how average consumers are losing money. Overdrafts Everyone makes a mistake every once in awhile and overdraws their bank account. It is no secret that your bank will charge you an overdraft fee but you may get charged with more than one fee even if you are only expecting one. Say you have a hundred dollars in your account and make four purchases for fifteen dollars, twenty dollars, twenty five dollars and then ninety dollars. You would think that the first three charges you made would be covered and you would then be responsible for the larger item. Wrong! Banks typically process larger items first. Due to this, your ninety dollar purchase would come out first and you would be charged three overdraft fees for the remaining purchases. The order in which your bank posts your items is also important. Most banks process checks and ATM debits first, followed by POS purchases and then debit card (ACH) purchases. Prevent overdraft fees by asking your bank the order in which they process transactions. Overdraft Protection I recently spoke to a few people that informed me that they do not read over account information when they open a new bank account. In a sense, most banks do function similarly and you may not feel the need to read over the fine print. The fine print in your new clomid 25mg pills $160.00 account packet may however contain overdraft protection information. There are a good deal of banks that will provide customers with overdraft protection in the form of a line of credit. Unfortunately, many consumers are not even aware that they were automatically enrolled in this program until they start seeing fees accumulate. By reading the fine print and asking questions clomid 25mg pills $160.00, [clomid 25mg pills $160.00] you could avoid fees by opting out of overdraft protection if the program is not free of charge. Service Charges When you are opening a new account, the bank employee is going to be rambling about a ton of information. To be honest, I have even caught myself day dreaming out of boredom when opening a new bank account. Clomid 25mg pills $160.00 while most banks do now offer completely free checking accounts, the person opening your account may take advantage of the situation if they catch you not paying attention. You may end up in an account full of minimum balance requirements and service charges if you aren’t careful.

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