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It is now [cytotec 200mg pills $106.00] January and you all know what that means. The credit card bills from December could be landing in your mail box any day now. I know some people that spent stupid amounts of money on Christmas and most of it goes on credit cards. Then it takes them the first 6 months of the year to pay it all off. There are even some people that were still while they were shopping for this one. I personally do not think this is the way to go. I do not use a credit card when I go shopping for Christmas. I set out a budget of $900 and stick to it. There are 6 members of my family cytotec 200mg pills $106.00, and that equals around $150 per person for gifts. Cytotec 200mg pills $106.00 the food bill goes up a touch because no one is at work or school and we buy a few more treats then usual. I find this to work really well. I spread it out over November and December and I buy everything on sale. The $150 is the right amount for each kid as they get enough to have fun but do not get too spoiled. I am trying to make sure that everyone learns the value of money and the work that goes into making it. By doing things this way, the impact is much smaller to my wallet and there is no big shock this month. What about you? How do you pay for Christmas? Are you cytotec 200mg pills $106.00 an over spender, a planner or a scrooge?

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