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A few days ago I posted an article on a site that sells an . I was really unhappy with the service I received and put in a request to have my money returned. I didn't expect to ever see [danazol 50mg pills $136.00] that money again danazol 50mg pills $136.00, danazol 50mg pills $136.00 I am supprised and happy to report that my money is being refunded. This will give me the chance to try another online tv service. Danazol 50mg pills $136.00 here's a copy of the email they sent: rimma v 18/04/2007 11:10:45 am dear customer, thank you for the email. We apologize if this membership did not fulfill your expectations. As requested, we have processed the full refund. Please visit www. marketbill. com to check the refund status. Please allow normal banking delays of 10 to 15 days before the funds appear on your account. You will also receive a confirmation email in the next 24 hours regarding this transaction. Sincerely, Your Customer Service Team

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