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Guide to frugal banking for students Author: JL You might not think that frugal banking for students would be much different than normal banking but there are a few things to consider. It is always important to save more money as a student. Because of the greater need to manage your money the banking account that you choose to go with will be much more important.

a) Frugal Overdraft Banking for Students

- It’s important to check the overdraft provided under different banking accounts as you will be operating on a tight financial budget and may need overdraft banking to get you through emergency situations, this may be quite frequent during your college study. Considering this, it may be necessary to opt for a banking account that offers decent overdraft limits, these are the types of banks students gravitate too. These limits usually vary with the year of degree. Check with several banks to make a comparison. For example some banks may allow staggered interest: free overdrafts of $1500 in the first year of diabecon 60 tablet bottle $316.00 study amounting to $500 for the first six months, $1000 for months 7, 8&9 and $1500 for the rest of the year and for the following two years of study. For students on longer courses the limit may go up to $2000 for the 4th, 5th and 6th year. For other banks the overdraft limit may be just $1000 for the first three years.

b) Overdraft Banking Account Charges

- It is also important for you to know what charges would apply in case you go beyond your interest free planned overdraft limit. Banks charge heavily for unauthorized overdrafts (unplanned overdrafts), as also for paid referral charges. Paid referral charges are where the bank allows a payment that puts you over your agreed upon overdraft limit. This should be avoided because when this happens the bank will take the opportunity to charge you a heafty fee. It’s best to make a comparison and select a bank that offers the best deal on this and other charges. For example a bank may allow interest free overdraft in excess of your interest free limit for the first time you overdraw. Another bank may not allow this and charge your account every time you overdraw beyond your interest free limit. Interest is charged only on the amount beyond the planned overdraft limit. Usual rate of interest is 8 to 9 percent. Additionally there may be a $30 flat monthly overdraft fee. Overdraft charges are very heavy and you may have to pay $12 per day for any unplanned overdraft up to $50 which may go up to $30 dollars per day for unplanned overdrafts above $50 to $200. This makes the need to frugal budgets very important.

c) StudentBanking conveniences

- Check if the bank you choose offers Internet and telephonic banking services. It will be preferable to opt for a bank that has a branch on your college campus. Still better would be one that remains open on Saturdays.

d) Co-operative and friendly tellers

- Your banking experience depends greatly on a specific branch of a bank. You may not have the same experience with another branch of the same bank. Before deciding on the bank to open your student account, you need to consider the amount of time you had to spend in a queue, whether the bank afforded you a personal interview, whether the staff you interacted with was knowledgeable about whatever they discussed with you etc. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $316.00 personal rapport with bank customers is crucial for inspiring customer confidence and you must feel comfortable in approaching someone in the bank, in case you come across some difficulty during your banking activities.

e) Special banking incentives or other available offers

- In order to increase their business, most banks offer special banking for students incentives like travel rail cards etc. However, you must not give priority to incentives over low charges and better overdraft features. These things will be more important for you during your three or four years of college. Remember, you are not obliged to remain with the bank you open your banking account with at the beginning of your college study. If you are not satisfied with the services that you’re receiving, just find another bank or student branch that provides better service diabecon [diabecon 60 tablet bottle $316.00] 60 tablet bottle $316.00, this may help you to save more money to support your education.

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