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Mutual funds usually classify stocks in different fund classes known as A, B & C with different fees being chargeable for each class. A class stocks A class stocks are best if you plan to hold on to your investments for two years or more. This class consists of stocks that have a front end load (sales commission is charged at the initial stage of investment), attract the lowest 12b-1 fees (these are promotional expense charges levied by the mutual fund which eventually reduce the end returns on your investment) and investing in this class makes you eligible to receive discounts (in the sales charges levied by the mutual fund) when you increase your investment in the fund to reach a certain level known as the 'breakpoint'. This breakpoint amount is determined right at the time of buying the mutual fund. You are also offered discounts when you express your emugel 50gm tube $170.00 intent of increasing your investment to reach the breakpoint by within a specified time through [emugel 50gm tube $170.00] a letter of intent. When you fail to reach the breakpoint before the date specified in the letter of intent you have to pay the regular 'sales' fees. For example the regular fees may be 3. 75% up to a breakpoint of $50, 000. Investment over this brings down this fee to say 3. Emugel 50gm tube $170.00 25% or even lower for greater investment as per the breakpoint schedule. Therefore when you make an initial investment of say $30, 000 and sign a letter on intent to increase your investment to $50, 000 within the next ten months you are charged 3. 25% instead of 3. 75%. If you fail to enhance your investment as agreed in the letter of intent then the charges will be 3. 75% and not the lower fees of 3. 25%. B Class stocks The special character of Class B stocks is that do not have any front-end load. Instead they have a contingent deferred sales charge or a progressively decreasing back end load which makes them best for investors with limited resources and for those who are prepared to make long term investments usually ranging between five to ten years. A back end load is a percentage of the asset value (usually 1. 5%) charged by the mutual fund at the time of sale. Small investors prefer this class of stocks, as they do not require payment of front-end fees, which reduces their initial investment amount, and there is constant reduction of the deferred sales charge over time emugel 50gm tube $170.00, which comes to zero at the end of the specified investment period. However, deferred sales charge/fees become payable if funds are withdrawn prior to the specified period. Another benefit associated with B class stocks is that they automatically get converted to A class stocks which have a lower yearly MER or management expense ratio. MER is a charge mutual funds levy on investors for managing the funds. A disadvantage with B class stocks is that no discounts can be availed of, as there are no provisions for a breakpoint. Because of this it is not possible to reduce investment costs even with an increase in investment. C Class stocks These stocks form the top choice of investors who plan to redeem (sell off) the stocks after a short period of time. The benefit of not having to pay front end fees extends to this class of stocks also. Back end load is also less; usually just one percent. Even this one percent is eliminated if the investment is retained for over one year. The main drawback of C class stocks is the compulsory back end load. This class also has a higher MER, no discounts or automatic conversions.

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