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If you have a blog and you are like me, you probably have more post ideas than time to write them all. I find that alot of times that I am either writing a post, doing some work or even just surfing around other blogs leaving a few comments I get struck with an idea for another post. Now I know you can't know this, but I just had to stop writing this post as I had 2 new post ideas and had to answer an e-mail. The problem is that I am a multi-tasker (I am on the phone right now) and sometimes things get forgotten, especially if they are just ideas. So I get all these great posts going through my head and I need to do something with them before I lose them. I went through a few attempts at ways to keep track of these things. I tried to just get my giant brain to associate them with something I would think of later. Seeing as my mind does not stop ever, it just got mixed up in with everything else and lost until I finally remember it during a drive home at 3 in the morning 800 miles from a computer. Then I tried to write everything down. This met with a little more success, but I could not find a notebook that I could carry in my pocket comfortably. And I will not carry an Palm or a pocket pc or anything like that. I don't need anything that emits an electric field near my boys, all you crackberry addicts are going to be crying later in life after you have cooked your manhood. Anyway, I kept losing the notes I was writing. Or seeing as I never pick up a pen or pencil other than to defend myself, I cannot write anything that even looks like letters. Enalapril 20mg pills $207.00 from your trusted online supplier i am lucky to be able to write my own name. So the paper notes idea was no good. Next I tried to e-mail everything to myself. I've always done this sort of thing. E-mail myself what I need to do that night enalapril 20mg pills $207.00 from your trusted online supplier, or that I need to pick something up. Even messages I need to tell others. I also realized that I never really do what I e-mail to myself. Who the hell am I to order myself around! After a day full of e-mails at work, I don't want to check any more as it just reminds me of more work. So now what do I do when I have a post idea? I just start writing it right then. I log into WordPress and start the post. All I do is write a descriptive title that will remind me of what it was supposed to be about and save it. Takes only 30 seconds and won't interrupt your regular work. Just make sure you do it right when you have the idea, even if you are writing another post. So when you are finally ready to start writing, you don't have to do any extra work. No need to search for little crumpled up note at the bottom of your bag. No need to sift through spam and other junk to get to your e-mail reminders. They enalapril 20mg pills $207.00 from your trusted online supplier are all sitting there waiting patiently for you when you log into your [enalapril 20mg pills $207.00 from your trusted online supplier] WordPress admin area. Sounds very simple, but it makes things a lot easier, plus you will never lose another good post idea again.

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