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Changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, maintaining your appliances and turning things off when you are not using them are all ways to save on your electric bill. These are common energy saving tips that most people have heard about time and time again. You may however have two items on your property that will skyrocket your electric bill that you may have never considered before. Water Pump Regardless of whether you have city water or well water, your home contains an electric water pump. The water pump runs when you use water from any inside or outside fixture and your appliances. Endep 10mg pills $51.00 your water pump also runs when there are leaks in your pipes or your water fixtures. Unfortunately for me, I only figured this out after months of wondering why my electric bill was hundreds of dollars more than it was the year before. The culprit was a set of old leaky pipes in the crawl space of my home. Even if you only have a small leak in a pipe or a water fixture, your water pump is going to continuously run and will therefore drive up your electric bill. If you endep 10mg pills $51.00 suspect that your home has a leak somewhere, it is a good idea to pay the small fee to a plumber to check out the situation. If there is a leak found endep 10mg pills $51.00, it is vital that you get it fixed right away or you might end up paying hundreds for it over the course of the year. Septic Tank Pump If you live in a rural or suburban area, you may have a septic tank on your property. All septic tanks contain pumps which at times need repair or maintenance at some [endep 10mg pills $51.00] point during their lifespan. If you do not regularly maintain the septic pump and the entire septic system on your property, your electric bill could be suffering. Not only is a malfunctioning septic pump dangerous, any electrical part which is not functioning as it should is going to start tacking dollars on to your monthly bill. Sometimes we do not like to pay out a little bit of money to have things properly maintained, but the money spent up front fails in comparison to the money you will end up paying out every month on your electric bill. Maintaining water and septic pumps will not only save you money on your electric bill, but it will also save you from having to shell out more money to completely replace them down the road.

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