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Most people have heard the saying "Sex Sells". I've never botherd to question it before but after doing some looking around I am not always sure if that is true. Famvir 250mg pills $306.00 are there some ares that it just does not work as well? lets look at it from the view of some blogs of other internet entrepreneurs that are attempting to teach us how they do it, and how we can as well. Lets take this site for example. Sure, I could post a bunch of provocative videos and pictures that may make people stop and take a closer look. I've noticed some other people doing exactly that. Take a look at the blog of . He just introduced a new skin and it now has a banner with a presumably naked woman (don't worry, it's cropped in a way that it is safe for work). Are you back yet? I can wait if you need a minute. So what does this do for a reader of his blog except for a small visual stimulation? As he seems to be preaching his online business methods, it does not seem to lend any credability to him. It may even be taken as he does not know what he is talking about and has resorted to sex in order to keep people coming back. I know it can't be his writing skills, just read a few posts and you will famvir 250mg pills $306.00 understand what I mean. I've seen the same principle applied to avatars in comments, and mybloglog as well. I do admit that it does catch my eye when the avatar is just some cleavage, but I don't think I can really take the person seriously, or as any sort of authority on the subject they are writing about. I feel that the writer should be able to hold my attention without resorting to including some pictures of skin. Now if the post is something specific, take for example, it's not quite the same thing. It is using sex to sell famvir 250mg pills $306.00, but not in a cheap way. [famvir 250mg pills $306.00] It is very obvious what he is talking about and he is not trying to hide it. I think as long as it's done this way, it is acceptable. Now the big question is, does it work? Does throwing in a picture of skin actually do anything for you? I would guess that it gets a few more people to click on whatever it is, but does that in turn equal more profits or sales? Does it increase your return visitors or does it just eat bandwidth without getting you anything else? You may show a few more ads, but I doubt you would get any more clickthroughs. I would say that if you are trying to portray yourself as any sort of authority on the subject you are writing about, using sex as an enticer would only hurt your reputation. Unless of course you are writing about sex. What do you think? Does any of you do this? Does it work, or does it hurt?

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