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Free sample offers in canada as you may have noticed, i installed another wordpress plugin that i learned about from . This one is called Sociable from . This plugin is responsible for the nice litte icons that you see below each post now. It just makes it easier to send a post or story to any of the websites listed that you use. I just included the ones that I use free sample offers in canada, but feel free to leave a comment if you feel other should be included. The install was fairly simple as it has been with all plugins I have used so far. Just unzip it to your plugins directory and then activate it. you will then get a new tab under 'options' [free sample offers in canada] that will allow you to configure the plugin and choose which sites icon shows up. The only trouble was that I free sample offers in canada need to add the display code myself, I guess the theme we are using did not play nice with the plugin. It was very simple, and the code you need, as well as the plugin can be viewed/downloaded .

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