Frugal Living TipsLooking to save some money with some frugal living tips? Most of us are looking for practical ways to save money. Yet, budgeting is such an unfriendly term that most of us avoid using. To save money effectively, you need to have a little frugality, creativity and a bit of humour when making purchases. If all you think about is budgeting, budgeting, budgeting, you will not only become frustrated, but you will also be tempted to break your budget which will cost you in the long run. That’s why it’s good to have frugal living tips on your mind.

Here are 5 easy frugal living tips to help your household to save money:

1. Practice Menu Planning Tip– Instead of running to and from the grocery regularly, focus on creating a menu plan at the beginning of each week for your family. Plan to purchase your meats or protein items in bulk, see which items you can reuse in more than one dish and think about leftover items and how you may be able to reuse things daily as the week progresses. Taking time to plan your menu will also give you time to search for and clip coupons.

2. Participate in a Book Swap Tip – Instead of buying the latest and greatest books at the bookstore, pool together resources with your friends and create a book swap. Write down titles of books that everyone wants to read, buy one, and rotate it through the group. You could practice the same concept with DVDs, both methods of which will save you money.

3. Cut out the Expensive Coffee Runs Tip – While many of us love to drink our morning coffee, your mini satisfaction trips daily could be costing you as much as $5 per day, or in excess of $1, 500 per year. Either downgrade your expensive cup of coffee to just a simple coffee or start to make your own coffee at home to save money.

4. Look Above and Below at the Supermarket Tip – Supermarkets plan their attacks by placing the most appealing and the most expensive items at consumer eye level. So, when you are looking for specific items, train yourself to look above and below to see if there are less expensive items offered at a discount before we reach for what is right in front of us.

5. Compare Prices Tip – The economy is also affecting retailers. So, before you make any significant purchases, be sure to spend time adequately shopping for prices among retailers. And, search for promotions, discounts and added price reductions before you complete your purchase.

You don’t need to cut out every luxury in your life during tough economic times. However, there are some responsible frugal living tips that when implemented, can help you and your family to save money.

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