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First, let me explain what this experiment was all about just so we are all clear. Basically, I was going to find a whole list of sites that have turned off so that I could post a bunch of comments to get some links back here. Sounds like a very simple process. It is not hard to find a list of websites that you can comment on. Plus, how hard is it to write a small comment on a bunch of blogs every day? The second goal being to do it regularly on a bunch of blogs to get in the top commentator list. Not a hard thing to do if you comment daily. So now that I had my plan, I decided to get myself a geriforte 100 tablet bottle $284.00 caffine refill and begin. STEP 1: Find a doFollow list This one was easy as I am already part of doFollow movement. STEP 2: Go through list and start commenting on posts! So I begin going through my list. I go to the first blog and it is on a similer topic to this one. [geriforte 100 tablet bottle $284.00] I read all the posts on the front page and find one that interests me enough to comment so I do. I notice that I just spent 20 mins doing so. Note to self, need to speed this up or it's going to take hours. I go to the next site. It has nothing on it of interest to me. I skip this one and go to the next. Again, Bill's blog about batteries does not interest me even though I try to find a post that does. Geriforte 100 tablet bottle $284.00 i could just comment on any post, but is that the right thing to do? isn't there already enough crap on the net without me adding to it? then i realize this is going to be an impossible task for me. I don't comment daily on the blogs I read daily. How am I going to do it on a bunch of blogs I don't care to read? I know this is supposed to be purely for build links back here, but that does not sit well with me. Other people are working hard on these blogs, I don't need to clutter them up with off topic comments. So I end my experiment with a failure. I cannot turn my mind off long enough to do it. Running this blog is work, but it is fun also. I'm not spending hours a day doing a boring task that adds nothing to this blog or the blogs of others. Seems a little seedy to me. Is it worth it? Not to me. I would rather just keep producing content and hope that people find and enjoy it. If it takes longer than I can live with that. I'd rather get linked back because of something we wrote geriforte 100 tablet bottle $284.00, rather than wasting time. I wouldn't advertise my car for sale in a gardening magazine. Maybe I need to work on being a little more evil?

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