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Getting fit on a budget

Are you cutting out your gym membership to lower your household expenses? During tough economic times, many individuals and families are searching for expenses to reduce or eliminate from their budget. But even though you may have to cut out expensive gym membership fees, you can still remain fit while on a budget.

Try some of these ideas to improve or maintain your level of physical fitness while staying on a budget:

1.        Place your gym membership on hold and work out at home for a few months. Many fitness centers will allow you to do this without assessing you a financial penalty. Glucophage 500mg pills $140.00

2.        Share a collection of workout videos among friends to increase the variety of home workout tapes without increasing your total financial outlay. Simply rotate tapes or DVDs between members of the group on a weekly basis.

3.        Take brisk walks throughout your neighbourhood, or for additional variety, travel to nearby trails or parks to exercise weekly.

4.        Exercise at the playground with your children. While they are playing, you can find a bench to perform step ups on, you can swing from the monkey bars, or you can sit on a swing and do several sets of sit ups. By combining activities glucophage 500mg pills $140.00, you are increasing your physical activity while engaging with your children, all without costing you a [glucophage 500mg pills $140.00] penny.

5.        Find a stadium or area with a large quantity of steps and walk or run up and down them for a high intensity workout.

6.        Search for fitness centers or family centers in your area that may be either offering classes at a discount or for free and schedule time to attend. To increase potential memberships, you will find that many fitness centers will offer these classes on a regular basis, giving you access for free.

7.        Swim in community pool areas during non-peak hours to give your workout routine some variance. Many community centers have a great workout pool available for your use. Check in your area for availability.

Just because you may need to cancel or place your fitness center membership on hold, does not mean that you have to stop all physical activity all together. Working on a budget will force you to become more creative with your activities. And who knows, you may even enjoy these alternative fitness activities more than your gym membership. The key is to have fun with your activities and try to look at the change in a positive light rather than a forced cut of something that you enjoy from your budget.

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