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Buying a home is one of the most exciting – and stressful – milestones in life. You want the perfect yard, the old-world touches. Hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet. It’s not just a logical search; it’s a rare person who can make a purchase of this magnitude without attaching some emotion to it. Let’s put all those other factors aside for a moment and focus on what is without a doubt the most important consideration when buying a home: what can you afford? Your mortgage lender will tell you how much you are eligible to borrow. Most lenders will approve you for a mortgage around 30% of your income. So, if you make $40, 000 a year, you could expect to be approved for a mortgage with payments of around $1, 000 per month, which equates to a mortgage of around $165, 000. (See the chart below for details and more examples). Easy, right? Not quite. Nothing’s ever as simple as it seems. Yes, the mortgage company will take into account many factors related to your finances, such as total debt, credit score, income, and other financial resources, but you should consider additional areas, as well. For instance, if you’re expecting to purchase a house that requires significant renovations, you should adjust your maximum purchase price so you’ll have the money to pay for them. You may also have a lifestyle or financial goals that would be cramped by maxing out your mortgage limits. You’ll have less money for private school tuition, dining out, travel, investing and saving. And once you own the home, you’re responsible for maintenance glucophage 500mg pills $82.00, repairs and updates, so you’ll need glucophage 500mg pills $82.00 to make sure you have enough to cover unexpected expenses. (Check out our previous post on and remember to work [glucophage 500mg pills $82.00] these categories into your budget. ) Estimate Your Mortgage Limit These examples are based on a 30-year conventional mortgage at a 6. 0% interest rate, with 20% down. They’re also rounded to the nearest $5, 000 total mortgage amount.

Annual Salary

Monthly Mortgage Payment

Total Mortgage Amount

$30, 000


$125, 000

$50, 000


$165, 000

$75, 000


$310, 000

$100, 000


$415, 000

The fine print: You know we have to include it. These numbers are examples-only, and don’t include things like insurance and taxes. Glucophage 500mg pills $82.00 to find out what you would qualify for, contact your mortgage company.

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