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If you have debts then the chances are you are finding it difficult to find money for anything other than your monthly repayments. With potentially years left on your current debts, the thought of having no real money until then can seem daunting. Glucophage 850mg pills $189.00 that is why so many people choose to start saving some money each month. The Problem with Saving Money For years we have been told to save as much money as possible. Whether it be for retirement glucophage 850mg pills $189.00, for emergency funds or just for a rainy day. Of course, having savings makes sense. However, when you have debts to pay off things change. Debts when left unpaid build interest. If you pay back the minimum amount each month, you will be gaining interest on the debt. That interest will bump up how much you eventually owe and guess [glucophage 850mg pills $189.00] what - the interest on debt is usually far higher than the interest you would get for your savings. A classic example of this would be - you have £1000 in savings that earns you around 4% after tax has been deducted. Within a year that interest would amount to £40. If on the other hand you had £1000 debts, the interest rate would typically be at least 18%. Over the course of the year that would add up to £180. So you would owe an additional £180, yet you would have only saved £40 for the same amount in savings. For this reason it makes much more sense to pay off your debts as quickly as possible. Are There Any Exceptions? There are a few exceptions when it comes to saving glucophage 850mg pills $189.00 money over paying off your debts. One of them is when there will be a fairly big charge for paying the debt off early. If you have a set monthly repayment plan then it would be possible to increase the amount that you pay. However, if you plan to pay the debt off completely then it would make sense to see whether there is a charge and how much it would be. If it will cost quite a lot then it would make more sense to put the money into a savings account until the repayment cost comes down. Basically when it comes to debts, it is always better to pay them off as soon as possible. The sooner you pay off your debts, the more money you will have each month. Then you can focus on saving money without the added pressure of who you owe money to!

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