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I came across this really great tool the other day called . For those of us who yet, this is another free way to measure your progress, and analyze your overall blog marketing strategy. It's simple to use, all you do is type in your website URL, the keywords that you are targeting, and (if you want) websites of some of your competitors. The results are a combination of all of the variables that determine how popular your site is. Along with your score, the results page will give you tons of useful information like your Google Page Rank, how many back links you have, what grade level it takes to read [gyne lotrimin 100mg pills $217.00] your writing (the lower the better), your Alexa rank gyne lotrimin 100mg pills $217.00, keywords and much more. If you're planning on using this tool on a regular basis then you might want to think about registering an account so that when you revisit the site it will remember your info and will give you more detail and functionality then you could get as a non-member. With our website score, Jason and I can see where we are, and how much we have to do before we're anywhere near as successful as our top competitors (fellow bloggers) like gyne lotrimin 100mg pills $217.00 who is probably one of the most successful bloggers in his category. Foximus has a score of 58, this means that we are ranked higher than 57% of all other websites and blogs on the internet. This isn't bad considering that we're only 2 months old and just starting out. Gyne lotrimin 100mg pills $217.00 john chow scores a 99. This is something new for me to check obessively! YAY! Foximus can now set a goal using this score and measure our progress as we go. We will be posting as time goes on. Feel free to comment on this post and let us know what your website grade is. I found this tool through the so I want to credit Sara for her on this subject.

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