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Everyone grab a shovel, cause it looks like Google is going to be killing off a whole lot of arbitrage and MFA sites. Personally I am not going to miss them, although I would have like to do a case study on each one first. For those that do not know what an arbitrage or MFA site is, I will try and explain with my limited experience. Basically, with arbitrage you buy adwords cheap. For this example lets say $0. 05 per click. Hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00 on the landing page you have a small amount of content but the only way off the hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00 page is to click on your adsense ads which generate you $0. 25 per click. So the hope is that while is cost you 5 cents to get the person to your landing page hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00, it makes you 25 cents when they click off of it. Profit of 20 cents. MFA, or Made For Adsense sites are sites packed [hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00] with keywords and adsense ads. They do not usually offer anything else besides the ads so in order to get off the page you click on one of the ads. So what do you think? Is this going to do anything to you or your sites or have you already gotten the "friendly account disablement" email? To learn more about this, a great conversation is going on at .

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