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I've always wondered this. Are fluff and bullshit posts good enough to keep people satisfied until your next good post? I read a lot of blogs, and most blogs [imigran 100mg pills $430.00] have good posts, just not everyday. A lot of them post crap filler posts quite frequently. Now, let me explain what crap filler is. They are the sorta on-topic posts that are very broad and general. I'll do a quick example here: 3 Tips to improve your blog! 1. Stay healthy. Making sure you eat right and get your excercise will make sure you have the energy to write those posts. 2. imigran 100mg pills $430.00 Get enough sleep. This way you don't fall asleep while working. Imigran 100mg pills $430.00 3. Stretch. Keeping yourself limber will help prevent cramps during those long post writing sessions. Follow these tips and you will have a great blog in no time! If you read any blogs anywhere, I know you have seen this kind of junk all over the place. I was surprised at first that posts like this actually got comments, but I figure it's one of two types of people. Those that are idiots, or those that are trying to get the top comments award. So here is my question. Does this thing count as a post to you? Do you appreciate this crap as at least it is something, or would you rather the writer just wait until they had something to say? Also imigran 100mg pills $430.00, would these posts help yoiur rankings at all? Besides filling them with keywords, it will show your blog as being more active. Does that have any bearing in the SERP's at all?

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