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So what other methods can you use to save yourself some money. Penny saved is a penny earned sorta thing. Well I've been trying out some points/loyalty programs at the places I normally shop anyway to see if they do anything. I really never wanted to go through the hassle of carrying and having to dig out the cards when I go shopping, but it really is no big deal.

So what are points programs?

It's really very simple. You apply for membership at whatever store or offer you happen to want to take part in and they will usually give you a card right then and there. Otherwise you can apply for some on-line and it will come in the mail. You then collects 'points' on the card for every dollar you spend and can redeem them later for rebates or free items depending on the program.

Which point programs are the best?

While I cannot claim to have tried every program out there, I have tried a few and read up on a lot of others. Below are the top 3 that I am currently using, although I will keep trying others as they come up. Also, feel free to suggest any that you may have imusporin 100mg pills $607.00 tried and liked. Or let us know about any that you didn't like or feel don't do anything.


AIR MILES has been around quite a long time. Unlike the other two in this list, you can collect them for shopping at a bunch of different places from groceries to gas stations. You can redeem them for everything from trips and hotels, to gift certificates. My favorite is the $20 grocery gift certificate for 140 point.

Petro Canada - PETRO-POINTS

I just started this one, but seeing as I usually buy my gas at Petro Canada anyway I thought I might as well give it a try. There are quite a few things you can get with the points imusporin 100mg pills $607.00, but [imusporin 100mg pills $607.00] anytime you can get some free gas or a car wash it's a good thing.

Shoppers drug mart - Optimum Club

This one is probably the best one out there. There are always deals that will get you a ton of extra points, sometimes you get more back in points than you actually spend. Also, there are some deals that are only offered to Optimum card holders. Quick math breakdown: 1000 points will result in a rebate of $2. 00 (75, 000 points = $150 rebate). Find a product around $2. Imusporin 100mg pills $607.00 00 that can provide 1000 bonus points then essentially you can get the product for free. There are plenty of products available for under two dollars and are eligible for a bonus point coupon reward. Now obviously you don't just get it for free, but eventually you get the money back in rewards rebates. Again this is one I just started so I'll let you all know how it works out after using it for awhile.

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