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(NOTE: This is the seventh in a ten part series on student loans, check back every Tuesday for the next installment - Jason) While navigating the many turns on the road to post secondary education, you will undoubtedly come to a financial institution offering student lines. Sometimes they are offered as an alternative to using government loans to finance the bulk of your education indian sildenafil citrate, sometimes they are offered as an extra resource. So, what is a student line anyway? A student line of credit is a revolving line of credit, designed with the struggling student in mind. It differs from a student loan in many ways, the most important being - lines are offered by banks and financial institutions, rather than through federal student aid programs. Once upon a time, banks were in charge of student loans. These loans were guaranteed by the government, so if the student defaulted, the bank would still be paid. In recent years, student loans have reverted to federal holding, so all student loans are issued by and repaid to provincial, territorial or federal programs. Not wanting to miss out on the interest payments and profitability that can be found by financing post-secondary students, financial companies began aggressively offering student lines. A student line of credit has a preset spending limit, much like a credit card. Also like a credit card, it is revolving, so you can use it, pay it down and then use it again, as long as you don’t go over the maximum. The interest on a student line is based on prime, which makes it variable. If you have [indian sildenafil citrate] no balance, you pay no interest. Most student lines have a deferment (grace) period of six months to one year after exiting school. Depending on the financial institution, deferment means one of two things. The first requires interest only payments to be made each month, even while the student is in school, and for the grace period. After the grace period, the student is required to make a larger payment that is a principle and interest payment combined. The second defers both interest and principle payments until after the grace period, at which time, principle and interest payments begin. Be careful though, as interest will likely be quietly accruing on the balance while you go about your daily student life. Student lines of credit can be either the saving grace or the final nail in the coffin, depending on how you handle it. Those who cannot withstand the temptations of a credit card should absolutely NOT apply for a student line. The open, revolving nature of student lines makes it quite easy to use for less than educational expenses; say a birthday gift for your girlfriend. Yes, it is true, there is no watchdog on student line spending patterns, so the student is free to use it as they see fit. It’s quite often a little too much financial freedom for an eighteen year old. Since student lines are issued by banks, it also means they are not part of the federally sponsored relief programs offered specifically for student loans. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of interest relief, refinancing or extended terms for your student loan, it will not include the student line of credit. Don’t get me wrong, these types of programs may be available for your student line too, the difference is, you have to go to the bank and negotiate that yourself. The good news is, the banks live in fear of default, so they tend to work with you to find a suitable solution. As long as you remain disciplined in your spending habits, a student line of credit can work to your advantage. It’s easy to use, generally with debit cards or cheque privileges attached, and it’s nice to have as a source of emergency funds for the unexpected. Indian sildenafil citrate unplanned expenses (like indian sildenafil citrate all those parking tickets), can be paid from the student line of credit instead of with your grocery money, so you can still eat dinner and your car will not be towed.

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