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My sister is credit crazy.   Two mortgages on her house, $23 thousand balance on plastic, $12 thousand owing on a car, and not enough money to pay the bills.   She and her husband made a New Year’s commitment to pay down their debt and curb spending.   Good plan, lousy follow through.   $400 a month still goes for their daughter’s dance classes, $375 a month for their son’s various activities (they must spend equivalent amounts on each child). There’s also the six-month-old baby, Princess Osh-Kosh.   Oh, did I mention the $3000 refrigerator, bought two weeks ago?  Evidently, lowering spending means buying no-name chips.

Once upon a time, you needed money to buy things.   Nowadays, credit has taken over as the widely accepted currency.   Even grocery stores accept credit cards as payment.   Revolving credit has put too many Canadians on the “never-never plan”, making minimum payments and spending to the limit.   Hey, as long as you’re making payments on time, financial companies are quite happy to let you keep spending. . . and paying high interest.  

Accumulating debt can be costly and damaging, financially, mentally and emotionally.    That becomes even more apparent when the economy falters.    We have forgotten the difference between needs and wants.    However lamisil 10mg cream $133.00, believe it or not, there is such a thing as good debt.  

Good debts, while fulfilling your needs, give you a future pay-off.   My parents bought a house 30 years ago for $50 thousand.   Over the years, as they could afford it, they spent around $75 thousand in renovations. Lamisil 10mg cream $133.00   in lamisil 10mg cream $133.00 today’s marketplace, the house is now worth over $500 thousand.   That’s a pay-off.   Student loans are another good debt.   The pay off to a good education is quality of job and wage, which over time will supersede the cost of the loan.  RRSP loans are another great example.   Short-term tax savings and long-term growth outweigh the cost of borrowing.

lamisil 10mg cream $133.00] 10pt;">Yes, learning to discipline your spending is tough.   If your fridge breaks down, you need a new fridge.   However, you do not need stainless steel.   Toys, big or small, do not make for good debt.   Most of the items we buy depreciate instantly: clothes, vehicles, appliances, electronics and furniture.   Let’s not forget our biggest spending weakness: the children.   True, we all want our children to have the best.   However, if you can’t afford it, well, you just can’t afford it.  

Thrift stores and hand-me-down clothes will not scar your kids’ psyche.   Libraries still lend out books.   Libraries also have computers with internet, and many even lend out movies.   Skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk, marbles and bubble blasters are just as much fun as you remember.   

Ultimately, if you must acquire debt to make a purchase, first ask yourself, what will this purchase be worth in ten or twenty years?   Second, do you really need it?  Third, can it wait until you have saved for it?  You have the power to be credit thrifty.   It’s your money, your future, your choice.

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