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Click here for Times are hard these days and they don't seem to be getting better any time soon. We need more than ever to find ways to save money and get more from the dollars that we spend. One of the easiest ways to stretch our budget is by using frugal home idea to cut down on the amount that we spend on things like cleaning. Let's take a few minutes to look at a few great frugal home idea that can save you a lot of money and still let you have a home that is clean and sanitary. Cleaning Cleaning is a very expense activity. You need to, of course keep a clean and tidy home but you also need to feed your family and pay the bills. One way that you can save money on your cleaning budget is to get back to basics. We have become so obsessed with the latest and greatest tools and products to keep our homes clean that we have forgotten he time tested methods that our mothers and grandmothers used. The best part is that while high-tech cleaning products have skyrocketed in price the old standbys have gotten cheaper and cheaper, many can even be found on the dollar aisle. These products are not any less powerful lipitor 10mg pills $81.00, they are just cheaper to make and sell due to a lack of marketing and more economical packaging. Let's look at the basic chemicals you will need, for the most part all of these items can e gotten on the dollar aisle of your local grocery store. Bleach, Ammonia, Pine-sol, oxygen activator (this is the same stuff sold by loud obnoxious TV pitchmen under a variety of names usually beginning with OXY-Something), Vinegar, Lemon juice, orange oil, borax, baking soda, men's shaving cream, [lipitor 10mg pills $81.00] peroxide, running alcohol, and oil soap. You will also want to pick up a couple of packs of sponges, and a couple of pair of long vinyl gloves also to be found on the dollar aisle. Now that you have equipped yourself for battle with the proper chemistry visit your local discount store like Family Dollar or Fred's and seek out a “steam shooter” these look like an over the shoulder vacuum cleaner. You fill it with water and switch it on, the heating element creates steam that is compressed by the nozzle and can be directed anywhere. You will also need a good old fashioned mop and broom. For dusting rags and cleaning cloths raid your son or husband underwear drawer, old pairs or cotton briefs or “tighty-whities” are super soft and very absorbent. Once cut in half they make two lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 great cloths that wont scratch or leave a lot of lint behind. Now you are ready to get to it. Lipitor 10mg pills $81.00 with the basics that you have you can clean anything in your home and you have spent less than a hundred dollars (you probably spent about 50 on the steamer) search out the internet for cleaning tips on how to get the most out of these supplies. There are a wide variety of sites out there that will help you discover how to get the most out of your “beautifully basic” cleaning kit. Just make sure that you understand you are dealing with potentially hazardous chemical with some of these items so follow all precautions and safety tips very closely. With these dollar store cleaning dynamos you will have a clean fresh home and a lot more cash to spend on other things.

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