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If you haven't heard by now, Tim O'Reilly to come up with a code of conduct for all of us to follow. I guess the principal of it is OK. Here is the list so far. 1. Responsibility for our own words 2. Nothing we wouldn't say in person 3. Connect privately first 4. Take action against attacks 5. Lipitor 40mg pills $108.00 a) no anonymous comments or b) no pseudonymous comments 6. Ignore the trolls 7. Encourage enforcement of terms of service 8. Keep our sources private 9. Discretion to delete comments 10. Do no harm So what do you think? Are you going to follow lipitor 40mg pills $108.00 the code? I don't see how I can, as I don't care if someone comments anonymously. It just means that I can't repsond back to them. Nor do I want to take responsibilty for someone elses comments. The whole point of this blog is learning and free expression, not moderation and control. [lipitor 40mg pills $108.00] Obviously I would delete something that is truly hateful or full of pure swearing lipitor 40mg pills $108.00, but other than that I say bring it on. The best thing I can do is promise to continue doing whatever the hell I please. This is my blog after all :)

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