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WTF? I mean where do people get these ideas from? This is from the site: Self-Sustainable Chair, a dress made out of polyethylene lopid 300mg pills $176.00, connected to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step. The dress slowly transforms into a chair with each step and holds the person to sit on it naturally. With his or her body weight the chair is slowly deflated [lopid 300mg pills $176.00] and forms back to the original flat dress. Self-Sustainable chair is a conceptual garment that motivates users to consistently switch between walking and sitting as a loop behavior on the street. The balance between exercise and rest would be maintained by wearing this suit. Lopid lopid 300mg pills $176.00 300mg pills $176.00 the purpose of this project is to transform the humdrum experiences produced by routine walking commutes into an amusing interactive performance.

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