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Well my dream has finally come true. Today (Friday June 1st, 07), I loaded up my stats page and found that our stats was reporting a (relatively) huge jump in traffic. We are a fairly new website [macrobid 100mg pills $121.00] (about 2 months old) so we are just starting to build up our traffic. The highest amount of unique visitors we had before today was 53. Today when I loaded up my stat page, I saw that we had almost 400 unique visitors and it was only 3pm! As a stat checking addict, this was exciting to me on so many levels. I immediately loaded the page that shows the referral URLs and saw that most of the referrals were coming from a site called , which seems to be a lot like Digg. The difference is that it's a toolbar that you install into your browser and use to vote for any website that you like or dislike. The link was leading to Jason’s post . Someone must have liked the post, voted for it. . . and away we went! We also had a link placed on , which ended up bringing a lot of traffic in. Thanks to Tricia for linking to the post macrobid 100mg pills $121.00 . The good news for us is that although this jump in traffic may be short lived, we are actually starting to get somewhere with this thing. The bad part is that after today I will be even more hopelessly glued to my stats page macrobid 100mg pills $121.00, reloading until my finger falls asleep, ever more encouraged by knowing that each time I reload that page, the number will be just a little bit higher. It also means that I will not be satisfied until we beat our all time high of 711 unique visitors. Macrobid 100mg pills $121.00 our website grade is also doing pretty well since my on this subject. We have increase our grade from 58 to 66. That's an 8 point difference in one week! Not bad!

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