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Hi all, You may have noticed the lack of activity over the last 6 months. I have no excuse for that, we just didn't have any time. Life gets busy sometimes, suck it up. But we are hard at work preparing to get this place rolling again. We have been busy thinking of new way to promote, and find new people to help us write. So there should be some fresh content very soon and coming at you regularly for the rest of the year. Personally, I am having some financial questions in my own mind that I am trying to answer. It is very easy to tell someone else what to do, but much harder [myambutol 1000mg pills $259.00] to make the decision for yourself and stick to it. You see, my girlfriend is done school and is now working. Our household income has increased quite significantly. I am also working hard on my own career track myambutol 1000mg pills $259.00 and expect a larger income this year as well. Our problem is that I am not sure what to do with this money. I keep flip-flopping on what I want to do, sometimes daily. Here is my shortlist of what I want to do with our new income.

  1. Throw it at our mortgage. These dream interest rates are not going to last forever and I want to get it as low as possible before they go back up.
  2. Throw it at my car loan. It is higher interest and a much smaller amount than the mortgage. Myambutol 1000mg pills $259.00
  3. buy new insulation for my attic. The stuff up there is very old and there it not much. I know we are losing a ton of heat in the winter and it is not doing a good job of keeping it out in the summer. I think this would be a good investment in the house. We are not planning on staying here much longer than 3 years (what to do with the house then is another disscussion/post for later).
  4. Buy a water softener. The water in my town is hard and I want one of there. I think this will also add value to the house.
  5. Finish the basement. My basement was finished, but it was old fake paneling and no insulation and crappy lighting. I ripped it all out, and framed a room down there for my oldest son. I now need to frame the rest of the basement living area, insulate and drywall. Plus floor and carpet. Again myambutol 1000mg pills $259.00, should add value to the house.
  6. Shed and deck in the backyard
  7. New windows on the main floor. They are the original windows and are in bad shape. Value to house and save on energy costs.
  8. Dishwasher. It washes dishes for me. Awesome. Need water softener first.
  9. New TV. My personal favorite. New big tv for living room.
  10. Invest more in RRSP's. Smart, yet boring.
  11. Invest more in RESP's. Make the kids smart so I don't have to support them later on.
As you can see, the list is big and I want to do them all, but our income does not yet allow for that. I need to prioritize but that is very hard some days. Any thoughts? I am really leaning towards insulating the attic first, but that tv would look very nice.

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