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It's getting really exciting now. I get to pick my key up tomorrow! I think everything is finally done except for the actual moving part. I made sure to keep really organized throughout this whole process. I can seem very overwhelming at times, but I'm sure anyone can do it as long as you don't leave everything to the last minute. Tomorrow I go pick up the norplant 72 0.75mg pills $150.00 key and then we are off to clean the house before we move in on Saturday. The house is in good condition so it should not take long. There is one small problem though. When we first saw the house, it was in the middle of winter. Norplant 72 0.75mg pills $150.00 we got tons of snow this winter so i could not really see the front or backyard all that well. I got the chance to see it last week. The front lawn is fantastic norplant 72 0.75mg pills $150.00, not even a weed to speak of. The backyard is not as great. Now when I saw not as great, I mean a total disaster. It is truly horrible and it is actually quite annoying as I was planning on using it this summer but now it needs tons of work before I could let any of the kids play back there. Out of control weeds. Gigantic bushes that have not been trimmed in years. Cinder blocks in random spots sunk right into the ground. Even more weeds. Giant holes and pits where bricks used to be. Old bikes and other metal junk thrown into the bushes. I will try and remember to take some pictures as words simply don't do it justice. Not that it's going to stop me from making it a nice backyard, I just have to speed up and fix it first now. There is a lot we want to do, but I will take pictures and save that for another post. I will also be posting the the entire process we went through, and all the associated costs so that you can get a good idea of what is involved with getting a mortgage and buying a first house. One more thing, since it was our first house, we did not have to pay land transfer tax. Technically we did, but since the just rebate it right away back to our lawyer, they paid it for [norplant 72 0.75mg pills $150.00] us! That was a nice surprise.

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