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I sure love those WordPress plugins, and here is another one for you to sink your teeth into. It is called MyAvatar. What it does is [pamelor 25mg pills $72.00] includes your avatar pic from in any comments you leave on the site. As we all want more pictures of ourselves everywhere we go pamelor 25mg pills $72.00, this is a great plugin. It's almost like digital graffiti, you get to 'tag' every comment you make! As with most WordPress plugins, you simply the zip file and extract the folder into your plugins directory. Then log into you WordPress admin area and activate it in the plugins tab. There is a little more work to be done as you have to add a small piece of cade to your comments. php file. All the instructions can be pamelor 25mg pills $72.00 found . Although this is not a big thing, it does add a face to the people leaving you comments which is nice. Pamelor 25mg pills $72.00 plus it will make it easier to recognize the regulars.

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