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Yes lovely reader, it's time for another plugin! This time it is the Snap Shots plugin. While you are looking around the site, you will notice that whenever you put your mouse over an external link, a small 'Snap Shot' of the site will pop open. I really like this thing, and it has not slowed the site down at all. Paxil 40mg pills $191.00 although i am using a fairly quick connection, if anyone notices a slowdown please . First you will need a account. Sign up is very simple and will give you the code you need to input into the plugin. At the end of the sign-up, you will have the option to download the . Installation is easy [paxil 40mg pills $191.00] as usual. Unzip the file and upload it to your plugins directory. After you activate it paxil 40mg pills $191.00, go to your options tab and choose the Snap Shots tab. It will look something like this. Remember that code that you got when you signed up for a Snap Shot account? Now you paxil 40mg pills $191.00 need to enter it into the provided box. There are also a bunch of other options so you can make the snap box look and do what you want. So far I really like this thing. I can see it being very useful for surfing from work to make sure the site is not going to get you in :)

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