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(NOTE: This is the second of a ten part series on student loans. Check back every Tuesday for the next installment - Jason) It's a great Canadian tradition to accumulate debt, pay it off, then accumulate more debt. Most of us live from paycheque to paycheque, paying what we can and hoping for the best. The debt cycle starts with student loans, progresses into car loans and credit cards, and eventually into mortgages. As life grows, our debt consumption grows also. It's also a great Canadian tradition to go with the flow. We know how to apply for the loan, we know how to ask for a better interest rate, we know how to make the payments. Precious few actually investigate a better way to pay down debt. It's a shame really, because managing student debt is more than just making payments. Be the Boss! It's your life, your money and your student loan. Don't let your debts lead you around by the nose. Take charge. Make your student loan affordable for you. There are two ways you can do that. One, change your income to fit your student loan. . Penegra 50mg pills $254.00 . OR. . . option number two, change your student loan to fit your income. I'm guessing you like option number two better. Yes indeed, you can change the terms of your loan. You actually have more than one choice. The first is consolidation. You've probably heard of it, combine all your student loans into one loan. Neat, clean, one loan and only one payment to worry about. But what if you've already consolidated? What if you can't consolidate? If you're in this boat, you need to look to your lender for refinance solutions. So, what's a refinance? Refinancing changes the elements of your student loan. The standard student loan has a ten year term and amorization. That means the loan contract gives you ten years to pay it off at a specified rate of interest. Student loan contracts also include a penegra 50mg pills $254.00 deferral period. Deferral is the time between when you are given the money, until the time you have to start accruing interest and repayments. So, your deferral is generally the length of time you are in school. Student loans usually have a six month grace period tacked on to the end of the deferral, to give the graduate six months to get on their feet and find a job before payments begin. In order to refinance your student loan, you need a good understanding of your own financial situation. What can you actually afford to pay? Once you know that, you can work on changing the elements of your loan to suit your situation. Easy, right? You might think so, but you're affordability factor is more than just what's leftover after your bills are paid. So, if you're going to approach you're lender to refinance, make sure you know the language and can speak to them on their level. Know Your Debt Service Ratio: Your debt service ratio is what your lender uses to decide what kind of loan payment you can afford to pay without defaulting. If you can't make you're current payments, there's a pretty good chance your debt ratios are too high. So here's how you figure it out: total up all your monthly debts, including rent, student loans, , credit card payments and car payments. Now total up your monthly gross (before taxes) income. Debt payments divided by income equals debt service ratio. (Okay, move the decimal two spaces to the right). If your debt service ratio is 40% or higher, it's no wonder you need to refinance. 40% is usually the maximum lenders use to qualify a loan, unfortunately, students are qualified when they have no job, which is why graduates end up in financial struggles. Now that you understand how your debt is working against you penegra 50mg pills $254.00, it's time to talk to your lender to make that loan fit your income. Refinance is simply adjusting the loan according to what you can afford. It could mean a longer amortization to make the payments manageable. Possibly, refinance could mean extending the deferral time. Sometimes refinance will include consolidation. The thing to remember is that you're lender has refinance options for you to explore. Yes, even government loans can offer refinance, [penegra 50mg pills $254.00] interest relief or income based adjustments on student loans. Now that you can make your student loan payments fit into your budget, why not explore expanding that budget? It's time to empower yourself with ways to increase your income, or better yet, take advantage of opportunities that will help pay off your student loan for you. Think it's impossible? Think again. Stay tuned to discover methods to pay off your student loan, even if you don't have a job!

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