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*This is a totally personal post* Good afternoon gentle readers. I was thinking today that most of you do not know anything really about Aimee or mayself so I thought I would write a little priligy 60mg pills $142.00 on the subject. Perhaps Aimee will add [priligy 60mg pills $142.00] something to this if she can pull herself away from her 'stat research'. Aimee and I met more than 10 years ago on a little program called ICQ. I think she was still in school and I was working for a web design shop called WebSorcery. We talked all the time on ICQ and got to know each other and became good friends. Well, as good as you can be through a chat program. Over the many years that followed, we stayed in contact. Priligy 60mg pills $142.00 sometimes talking every day priligy 60mg pills $142.00, sometimes not for months. That was until about a year ago. You see we both would like to one day work for ourselves, so we started talking about creating a company for webdesign and other traditional media and marketing. It seemed like it would fit well as I have a programming background and she went to school for graphic design. So we started our small company, got a few clients and then realized that clients suck. Really, we just don't have the patience for it right now. But it did do one thing for us, we finally got to meet in person after over tens years of chatting and e-mails. It was very nice, even though she was late getting there. So now we are branching out and doing stuff just for us. We are the owners and the clients. If we screw up, it's all on us instead of other people. We have this blog, which is where we post all of our research and results from our experiements into making money online. We also have a few other projects that we are working on, together and seperately. With people like us we need to have variety. So thats just a little background on us, I am sure we will both eventually post a little more indepth about ourselves one day. One more thing I should tell you is that Aimee secretly wants my body. Actually, I am just putting that in here to see if she reads my posts or not ;p

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