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Jason Said,
February 22nd, 2008 @10:37 am  

That is very true, I am just learning how to do this myself as not only do I like having new toys, I am also very lazy. Just this morning, I had quite a fight in my head about not going to burger king for breakfast when I already had oatmeal in my hand.

But I am making progress as my biggest money wasters were smoking (quite for awhile now) and eating out every day (now it’s just a treat once a week). Once I get my impulse spending under control, I might actually start saving 🙂

g00db0y Said,
February 23rd, 2008 @7:44 am  

Totally agree with you. Especially during holiday seasons.

February 24th, 2008 @10:00 pm  

Saving is something a large portion of the population just cannot do, even if they have extra money!

Heres a tip for webmasters. If you use adsense, have it directly deposited. Open a self directed stock trading account and regularly send the money from the adsense account into your stock account, set it to automatic withdrawals if your adsense income is over 100.00 per month.

If you have a balanced portfolio, you’re regularly “topping up” on stocks that have just become cheaper and “selling off” stocks that have risen by 10% or more since the last adjustment.

This isn’t stock advice – it’s just pointing out that if you’re serious about saving, those little adsense clicks could create a massive fortune… on autopilot!

Aimee Said,
February 25th, 2008 @6:41 pm  

You can do it Jason! Just set it up so money comes out of your account monthly and then forget you even have the savings account. That’s what I do, and I try not to even think about it.

February 26th, 2008 @10:54 am  

I started my debt reduction and eventually savings this way. Set up your budget on a four week cycle so that four weeks pay pays everything. 4 weeks X 12 months equals 48 pay weeks. This allows four weeks worth of pay annually that is not accounted for in your budget as there are 52 weeks in a year. Use this “extra” money to reduce your debt add to savings or pay for expenses that have put on hold for some time.

This extra four weeks pay for me and my wife totals roughly 4K a year. We have bought Christmas with it, new tired, a television, auto repairs, ski trips, savings and an unknown number of other purchases that needed to be made that was not in our regular monthly budget.

February 29th, 2008 @10:11 am  

An infra-red sauna, huh?

Please, don’t tell my wife that such a thing exists for only 3K!

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