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Using credit card on the internet, over the phone, or in the stores is very easy and convenient. It’s important though to be sure that you practice smart credit card use. If you are not smart with your credit card it can become a liability in more than one way. You not only become exposed to risks of fraud and identity theft, you also become prone to piling debt that can build to unmanageable limits very fast making you lose control of your financial situation, and making you a slave to the bank that you are borrowing from. These are prime reasons why you need to be smart and extra cautious when it comes to spending on your credit card. You must only use it very sensibly. Smart scammers find a very attractive tool in other people’s credit cards. Their main trick is to look for gullible consumers who are careless with details of their credit cards. It is essential to practice smart credit card use and take extra precautions while using a cash machine because there is always a possibility of someone looking over your shoulder to obtain your details while you are at the machine. Any cash machine user who inadvertently leaves his card in the machine faces the maximum risk. It is really surprising how many people actually forget to collect their cards back from the machine after completing their transactions without realizing the gravity of what they have done or rather not done. This is the ideal set up for a thieves who has just seen the pin [protonix 20mg pills $81.00] number being punched in. He has the pin and he has the card now forgotten in the machine. What great luck! There are other ways also in which smart thieves can get hold of your card details without you being any the wiser. One gentleman went to the gym, placed his things along with his wallet in the locker and forgot to close the locker. He came back and was surprised to find the locker open. He quickly checked everything and found all in order. After a few days he got his credit card bill with $12 protonix 20mg pills $81.00, 000 in charges. Protonix 20mg pills $81.00 he called the credit card company to say that he never made those purchases and they told him to check his card. He checked his wallet and found that his card has been replaced with an expired card from the same bank. The ‘gym locker thief’ has done his job protonix 20mg pills $81.00 perfectly and the gym guy ended up having to pay his bills. So beware! Another way is through information you provide when placing an order over the telephone. You must be smart and ensure that you place such orders in absolute privacy as you have to give the details of your credit card which can be noted down by someone who is on the look out to grab your details. If your are placing any orders online you need to be extra careful in case you are using a shared computer and tend to save your card details on the computer. Make sure you never do this as the details of your card can be accessed by another person using the shared computer. So having a credit card can be convenient, but you need to aware of all the risks and take every precaution necessary, be very careful and always keep smart credit card use in mind.

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