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Can You Negotiate Rent You would think that since the housing market is still swimming near the bottom, that you would be able to find affordable homes or apartments to rent. I recently made a move back to my hometown and I was shocked to find out that most landlords have kept their monthly rent the same even in this economy. A few years ago, property owners could get top dollar for their rental homes and apartments but people just aren’t willing to pay what they were a short while ago. If you are looking for an affordable rental property, don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with the property owner. Point Out Flaws When viewing a rental property, do not be afraid to point out any flaws that you find. Take a good luck at the carpets, paint, appliances and make the property owner aware of the problems that you find. It might not save you a bundle, but the property owner may be willing to knock a few dollars off of the monthly rent if you make it known that you aren’t going to pay the asking price if things aren’t in excellent condition. Cosmetic Changes If you are looking at a rental property that could use some TLC sildenafil citrate 100mg pills 270 $374.00, you can always inquire about fixing the place up yourself for a reduction in rent. Property owners will sometimes reduce rent if the tenant is willing to paint, landscape or make minor cosmetic changes. Utilities Most rental property owners require that tenants pay for their own utilities. If a rental property owner needs to rent the property, [sildenafil citrate 100mg pills 270 $374.00] you may have some luck with getting the owner to pay one or two utilities. While the property owner may not budge on the more expensive utilities such as the electric bill, they may be willing to pick up the garbage or water bill. Location You may find a property that will suit your needs in a less than desirable location. If the neighboring property looks a little run down or you have to drive a good ways to the nearest grocery store, make this known to the property owner. Once again, landlords do not want their properties sitting vacant and they may be willing to reduce your rent if you point out a few inconveniences. You can negotiate the price of just about anything and a rental property should be no different. Sildenafil citrate 100mg pills 270 $374.00 i believe in getting what i pay for and that includes my housing. Even if the property owner is not willing to negotiate when you first look at the property, they may change their mind sildenafil citrate 100mg pills 270 $374.00 if the property continues to sit empty.

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