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In order to get started saving money while saving energy, you have to be able to quantify or count or measure, to use another word, the size of your carbon footprint. If you can measure it, you can reduce it and thereby save money. So the first thing you need to do is figure out how many kilowatts of energy you are burning daily, or how much gas you’re using weekly, and how many gallons of water that you use personally in a month. Further, what is the dollar amount cost per unit? Knowing the cost per unit can tell you how much money you save when you cut down on usage, say of gasoline or water, for instance. Example of Usage/Savings Say you have a plasma TV that you never really turn off, you leave in standby mode, which is supposed to be the same thing as “off. ” However, a plasma television in standby mode still consumes nearly 1500 kilowatt hours per year. Doesn’t mean anything to you? Well convert those kilowatt hours to dollars and you will see that leaving your television in standby mode is costing you an extra $200 per year on your energy bill. Now multiply that $200 by all the other electronic items that you routinely leave in standby mode. The absolute best way to save is to unplug any appliance or electronic that you’re not using. Turn Down Your Water Heater If you own your own home, then go down to the basement and look at your hot water heater. In this day and age there is a mark on the temperature dial that says energy saver. At this mark the temperature is set to 120 degrees. It doesn’t need to be any higher or you’d scald burn your skin off in the shower. Turn it down and save money. Free Home Energy Audit Call your utility company and request an energy audit of your home. It’s free. What happens sildenafil plant is a utility guy or girl comes out and checks your house for energy leaks, tells you where they are and makes recommendations for making your whole house more energy efficient. You can hire a professional to come in and do the audit, bearing in mind that it will run you $300-$600 out of pocket. Other Tips Replace old windows. Sildenafil plant if you can’t afford to do that, then go to your home improvement store and buy a kit to seal the windows [sildenafil plant] to keep them from leaking. Take the air conditioning units out of the window during the cold weather season. And finally, change your light bulbs to the more energy efficient bulbs that have a lifespan of years. They cost more sildenafil plant, but you will save in the long run.

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