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At least according to Avast it is. I thought I would write a post on Alexa and their toolbar for everyone that has not tried it yet. As you may or may not be aware, a lot of companies use your alexa rating to decide how much advertising on your site or blog is worth. I figured that I could download it and give the fox a tiny boost while I am working on it, as well as all the other blogs I visit on a daily basis. But I have been denied. I tried everything to get around it, but my antivirus refuses to let me play with it. I turned it off sumycin 250mg pills $63.00, installed it, but when I turned it back on it slapped my hand [sumycin 250mg pills $63.00] and sumycin 250mg pills $63.00 said 'No!'. Sumycin 250mg pills $63.00 has anyone else had trouble installing it and maybe found a way to get it installed? my google, stumbleupon and del. icio. us toolbars all installed fine.

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