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Many people don’t think about how much money they are actually spending on debt. When you have a loan with the bank which you are paying interest on, this is basically an investment in reverse. Instead of putting your money away, and having it earn money for you, you are borrowing someone else’s money and paying them a big price for it. You know that amazing thing called compound interest? Compound interest is great but it can also work against you. Credit cards can charge you up to 18% interest. At that rate, if you were to borrow $10 tadora 20mg pills $227.00, 000 and carried the balance for a year, at the end of that year, you would then owe $11956. 18. That’s almost $2000 extra that you would have to pay, just for using their money. That is ridiculous! When I was younger, I was borrowing money without caring about how much I was spending. I just wanted to use the money. I was spending borrowed money with out even checking the balance to see how much I owed. I didn't think about how long it would take me to pay it off. . . I just wanted to have fun! Then one day the money ran out. I didn’t care because I didn’t bother (avoided) thinking about it. Tadora 20mg pills $227.00 what i wasn't seeing was because i was $9000 in debt, i was spending about $100 a month just to carry the balance. I didn’t think of the fact that that money was coming out of my pocket every month. I just thought that I was borrowing money. No harm right? Wrong! When you think about it rationally; I was spending $1200 a year on NOTHING! Did I need to borrow that money before I actually had it? No I didn’t. Was I spending it on anything that I [tadora 20mg pills $227.00] needed right away or on things that would enable me to earn more money? No, I wasn’t! When I thought about it that way, I realized that I was just throwing away $1200 a year, money that I could have used to buy the things that I wanted to buy. The smart thing to do would have been to invest that money into a fund that gave me a 14% yearly return on my money. If I had done that, I would have about $33008. 24. That is just from they money that I have been tadora 20mg pills $227.00 GIVING AWAY to the credit card companies over the last 9 years. Another thing to take into consideration when looking at the cost of your debt is that the money you are paying on your debt is after-tax. This means that if your income is taxed at a rate of 40%, then for every dollar that you pay to the bank in interest, you’ll have actually earned $1. 40. For example, if you were paid $10 / hour and had an interest payment of $100 and were taxed at a rate of 21. 5% , that would mean that instead of working 10 hours to earn the interest payment, you would actually have to work over 12 hours to make enough after-tax money to pay that interest fee. That’s more than 2 extra hours of money that you would have to earn to make that payment, so in reality you are paying $121. 50 in interest. Now do you see how much your is costing you? The most important advice I can give you here is don’t live above your means, and if you do use your credit card, use it only for , and pay it off as quickly as you can.

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