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As you may or may not know, this site is run using the WordPress platform, currently WordPress 2. 1. 2 to be specific. As this is the first time either I or Aimee have used this particular platform I figured I would review it for tetracycline 250mg pills 270 $329.00 anyone currently evaluating what system they want to use to run their site. Now to be honest, my first choice for this site was a custom built CMS. I did start writing it tetracycline 250mg pills 270 $329.00, and then I quickly got bored of writing it. I really wanted to just start writing content and not waste 6 months making a huge, bloated CMS. I chose WordPress because a few sites I read regularly (like ) use it so I decided to give it a shot. Just so everyone is clear, you don't need your own host but I would highly recommend it. The cost is so low for a good starter package that you really have no excuse. But if you are just in it for fun and don't want to spend any cash you can get a WordPress hosted blog by going . As far as a paid host, I am currently looking at . I have heard a lot of good things about them and their starter package is under $5 a month. Installation was very simple. Once you have your host set up, just head over to the page. There really is no need to go through the installation process. It is so very simple, and if you screw anything up they have a great . Useability so far has been fantastic, but we are both still playing with it. Making changes to the layout, options and uploading posts is just as you would expect. I am just starting to add functionality through plug-ins. Plug-ins seem to be a great way of expanding the platform and so far have been very easy to install and use. For example, I just installed the google sitemap plug-in. It generates a google sitemap for you everytime you update your site. All you need to do is , and drop it into your 'plugin' directory. Then you can turn it on and edit the options from your Wordpress Administration panel. I am impressed by the WordPress platform so far. Tetracycline 250mg pills 270 $329.00 [tetracycline 250mg pills 270 $329.00] it is very easy and great at what it does. I can see some things that I would like to have, but I am sure someone has already written a plug-in to take care of it. There are so many it is going to take some time to go through them all. I will make sure and review the one's we end up using here on Foximus. So I think we will be sticking with WordPress and see how things work out, but of course we are always open to other options. Drop us a line if you are using something you think is better, or you know of, or have written a plug-in you want to let people know about and we will be glad to review it.

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