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October 1st, 2008 @2:10 am  

4% interest rate? That’s high! The savings account rates in my country has been capped at 0.25%. Pathetic right? And the inflation rate this year is averaging around 5.5%. So by just saving money in a normal savings account, I’m effectively losing 5.25% of my money every year *cry*. My country’s inflation rate is usually around 2% per annum, but I guess with the price of oil going up, electricity and petroleum based chemicals becomes more expensive, therefore explaining the inflation rate. In addition, with other countries developing rapidly (like China or India) around the world, there is a huge increase in demand for resources (as I heard from someone- if everyone in these countries just eats an extra bowl of noodles one day, the price of flour with soar the next day), therefore also increasing the price of everything. I have bought Mutual funds investing in China to offset price increases but with the latest *gasp* Milk crisis in China, I shudder to think about the losses this month. So I was thinking, since increase in demand is the cause of price increases, why don’t we curb demand? Therefore, I came up with a blog and starting source for products that will reduce demand in the long term. I’m currently also reading up on Solar Energy and Kinetic energy, so stay tuned…

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