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The commercials make this movie look great. Timoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $118.00 i love that fat guy in a lot of other movies he was in. timoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $118.00 But the best parts were in all the commercials. Now this movies was not horrible. It was sorta watchable and there were a few laughs but it was just not enough. Having the fat guy just spout off and use as much profanity and crudeness as possible just got old very fast. I guess it was partly my falut because [timoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $118.00] I expect a little bit of intelligence in my comedy. Swearing and sexual references every 30 seconds is not funny. It is boring. No wait timoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $118.00, it is Super bad. . . so what I did there? Nice. There is not much point to going into the plot as the charecters just react the same no matter what they are doing. So if you are going to go see this thing, at least wait until cheap tuesday or just rent it.

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