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At least that what it seems like. With both Problogger and John Chow dropping to a 4 it seems the days of vantin 100mg pills $254.00 pagerank are numbered. I think it's been broken for awhile now. [vantin 100mg pills $254.00] Here is a fantastic idea. . . get rid of it. What does it really do, and who the hell is it to rank my site? How about we do what we should be doing when selling advertising and use your traffic stats? Who cares about anything else really. It's your site, you should know what your stats are. Just go from there and sell your ads. Now I realize that it's easier if everyone has the same set of numbers to go by, but it's broken and can be screwed around with anyway. Vantin 100mg pills $254.00 look at this site vantin 100mg pills $254.00, we still don't even have a pagerank yet, and it looks like we never will. Google already has enough control over the internet anyway right?

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